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Chip & Dip

Bella Chip & Dip

Luscious curves and pleasing proportions make the Bella Chip & Dip a favorite for hors dâ€...

Braid Chip & Dip

The Braid Chip & Dip is a practical and tasteful entertaining staple. Its timeless design ...

Braid Condiment Server

The Braid Condiment Server features a braid detail arranged in a series of coils to form a...

Butterfly Chip & Dip

A striking, contemporary piece, the Butterfly Chip & Dip marries rich acacia wood and lust...

Drift Chip & Dip

The Drift Chip & Dip is a fashionable and functional work of art. With subtle, meandering ...

Harmony Chip & Dip

The Harmony Chip & Dip is an entertaining must-have with a generously sized main bowl, gre...